Sunday, 6 March 2011

Vex and Vexibility

He was said to have the body of a twenty-five year old, although no one knew where he kept it.
-- The Life and Times of Corporal Nobbs
(Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms)

Flying a Navy Vexor is something of a novelty for me, relying on drones has never been something I've been totally comfortable with.

It goes very much like this: launch drones, order drones to attack, pray.

After this evenings earlier fun in flying it in a gang, I had an associate relay some intel regarding a Hurricane running the belts in Eifer.

With said Intel, I undocked in Cpl Nobbs and headed on over to my spiritual home.

Reports put the Hurricane's location at 4-3, as I initiate warp the Intel changes as the Hurricane warps to 4-4. Too late, will have to catch him at another belt.

I land in 4-4 and scan him down towards the 5's and head on over.


I land in 5-1 as he warps off to 5-2.


Landing in 5-2 I see him going to 5-3


Finally I arrive and the Hurricane is waiting for me, at zero.

Surprisingly he engages me as I try to sort out this whole targeting malarkey, I seem to be having some issues. I eventually get my act into gear and lock him up, close, scram, web, drones and guns.

My capacitor is drained dry rather quickly, dual neuts, damn, this is not going to be easy, but luckily I have a plan and the plan is this: FINISH HIM!

With no cap to speak of, I'm juggling trying to keep tackle and watching my drones inch their way through his shields all the while taking a hammering from his guns.

My armour was slowly vaporising, all the while my tackle failing before I regained a precious sliver of capacitor to get my scram and web back on target.


I'm trying to Jedi my drones into finishing the Hurricane before he finished me, it was going to be close, 25% armour as they broke his shields, a few select prayers were being said between clenched teeth to whatever deity the drones choose to worship along with more than a few choice curses.

He hits hull as I hit 15% armour, it's a race, his guns and drones, versus, well, just my drones, I'm having a difficult time keeping tackle but my cap is not disappearing as fast and I'm able to activate my guns, overheated, every last ounce of damage... His hull evaporates, I punch the air.


As I recall my little heroes, the Hurricane pilot warps his pod out.

A good fight

I later went on a roam with some of the locals, all the way to Amamake where we killed a Maelstrom afk 300km off a gate and we eventually got the fight we were looking for but got out gunned but still broke about even.

Keira lost a Jaguar to a Dramiel (in the 2/10 of all places :D)and then went toe to toe with said Dramiel in a Dramiel of her own and it was going rather bad till she killed his drones, at which point he never came close again, eventually warping out and leaving system.

All in all a good day, some other kills here and there, should be a good few days


Nursultan said...

Nice titles in the last two blog posts.



I like how he decided to "trap" your hardcore blaster drone boat at 0 with barrage