Saturday, 19 January 2008

A curious conversation...

Friday night and I'm sitting in my hangar tying up some business interests, I have a migraine behind my left eye, a result of one too many cloning vat visits, the painkillers are taking there sweet time in going to work and I'm slightly stressed after a long day. No hunting tonight, too much inventory to sort through to be moved to highsec markets. Stuff just accumulates so quickly, the Tech 2 and better quality mods are separated from the chaff which is melted down into there mineral components.
This stuff should fetch a nice profit in Rens, well, technically it's all profit as I didn't pay for any of it

Keira is out shopping, she loves to shop, of course it's not just for her. She's picking up a hull and gear for me.
At one point tonight she'd traveled as far as Jita, a system full of the most vile and ruthless beings in this verse, also the place where the best deals on ships systems is to be had.

My left eye is throbbing with intense pain, I feel like stabbing the thing out, it'll be back next time I clone, I'm distracted by a buzzing coming from the vidphone near the hangar door. The blast doors as always closed for security reasons, being a pirate makes you lots of enemies.

I walk over to the vidphone and hit the green button:

[ 2008.01.19 01:51:43 ] Kane Rizzel > sup
[ 2008.01.19 01:52:29 ] Howaway1982 > May help me to hit a fight? I may give you very many money
[ 2008.01.19 01:55:09 ] Howaway1982 > miss;shipyard thef
[ 2008.01.19 01:55:31 ] Howaway1982 > 4 levels of fights

Alarm bells were ringing inside my head, not helping this stupid migraine. Checking the callers Bio it appears he's part of one of the many empire mega corps, Hedion University, He's very young to be flying level 4 combat missions and I'm sure I've seen him in a hauler before.

Now there's no love lost between the mission farmers of the area and I, I've jacked their ships on numerous occasions so this just smelled like trap to me. No-one in their right mind calls a known Pirate to help them out with a mission. Perhaps the mission farmers were tired of me crashing their party and had decided on revenge.

[ 2008.01.19 01:55:36 ] Kane Rizzel > sorry man, I don't run missions
[ 2008.01.19 01:56:31 ] Howaway1982 > I may give you the money
[ 2008.01.19 01:56:40 ] Kane Rizzel > I'm a Pirate, not a Mercenary
[ 2008.01.19 01:57:10 ] Kane Rizzel > I have enough isk, have a nice day

I hit the close button and the screen went blank. I scratch my head... curious. I dwell on it for a bit, thinking if it was a trap maybe I should have sprung it, suicided a battlecruiser and see how many I could take out. If only I could concentrate which is pretty much impossible at this time with my head seemingly about to explode. In hindsight I probably made the wise choice but for me it might not have been the right one, I loves me a good fight.

I'm drawn back to the here and now by a low rumbling sound coming from the docking bays, a huge Mammoth class industrial ship enters the hangar, Keira has arrived, always curious to me what all she flies, from small Cheetah covops all the way up to the mighty Fenrir Freighters. The sheer diversity of what she can fly is staggering. Ammar, Gallente and Minmatar, although mention Caldari and she starts to twitch slightly and starts mumbling things like “Aesthetics” and “Symmetry”

The massive cargo bay doors open and inside I see the hull of my new Sleipnir class Commandship, surrounded by boxes full of mods and what appears to be a palette containing 5000 cans of sliced peaches. Damn woman, that's a lot of peaches.

My hangar crew offloads the cargo and goes to work fitting the Sleipnir, soon my new shiny, soon, we shall have many fun times together.

Keira is last to walk off the loading ramp of the Mammoth, carrying several bags filled with clothes and shoes. In the distance I can hear the corp wallet crying.

The painkillers kick in and numbness takes over my body, I slump into my hammock in the corner of the hangar and forget the worries of the verse, dreams of epic battles amongst the stars fill my mind.

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