Thursday, 17 January 2008

Never under estimate the predictability of stupidity

Experience sometimes means nothing when you fail to do basic things, things you've done a million times before. Tonight was such a time when my inate ability for stupidity shone through.

Hanging about in my hangar I get a call from some friends asking if I'd like to take a spin in the black and hunt down two experienced Vexor pilots in a system nearby. Kicking Keira's hammock strung up next to her Cheetah Covops, I tell her to wake up and stop reading Cosmo for a second and get her ass out there to do her thing. A few choice curses later she undocks and heads on over to see where our Potential targets may be hiding.
From intitial reports it seemed they might be hunting Angels in the asteroid belts of the system but no one could narrow them down.

Keira warped to a spot close to where they were last spotted and drops a Spook scan probe and commenced scanning. I had boarded Karma, my Hurricane class battlecruiser, undocked and made my way to the gate to the system where our prey were missioning. Yes, they were missioning as they were deep in space.
At the gate I joined Muelac in his Hurricane, flashfresh in his Wolf, and Corleone Fincemoar in a Crow.

Patiently waiting for Keira to report back we chatted a bit over voice comms when she reported a hit "Standby you monkeys, I have a hit on a single Vexor, warping in to scout"
She came out of warp 60km from the Vexor sitting dead still at a planet. Curious, why was he just sitting there. Keira moved towards him and just as she was closing he warped out to a distant spot out of line with any celestial features. It appeared he returned to his mission site, Keira resumed scanning and a few seconds later got a hit on both Vexors, Warping in she reported to fleet channel that we should standby, violence was imminent.
She burst out of warp 60km from the Vexors, they were starting to loot the wrecks of there mission. She made her way to 10km above the primary Vexor and gave the go signal in fleet.

The gang jumps in, I click a button on my overview and curse as my stupidity foils Keira's genius. I had clicked warp... to another gate. Keira in typical fashion just says "DUMBASS"
The gang had jumped in, warped to Keira and started pummeling the two Vexors into space dust. I arrived at another gate and hastily swung Karma around and made all haste for the correct gate. Jumping in and hitting the warp button, Keira reports to me that the first Vexor is down, his pod popping shortly after. The gang focused fire on the second Vexor, me in the middle of warp. I burst out of warp as the Vexor's hull gave up and a shiny explosion greeted my entrance. My systems still recovering from the warp tried to lock on to the pod but again was beaten by the rest of the gang.

So... two Vexors down, me mising the entire fight and now I have to put up with Keira giggling like a schoolgirl whenever I'm near.

Hopefully a good nights rest will help me recover some smarts.

Fight Summary

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