Wednesday, 16 January 2008

An introduction...

I'm new to the whole blogging scene but wanted a place where I could relay stories of my adventures in EVE online.

My name is Kane Rizzel and I'm a Pirate.

Wasn't always this way, I used to be a law abiding citizen involved in massive conflicts in nullsec space with my old corporation Ars Caelestis, now known as Ars ex Discordia (Latin for Art from Chaos)
It's an interesting story how Ars ex Discordia came about but that is for another time.

Shortly after ARSED joined Goonswarm I became disillusioned with the game, feeling lost and without purpose. I'd join the odd combat op but spent a lot of time in Rens fighting random warts (our term for war targets)
The capital age had dawned in EVE and having just become T2 sniper capable I felt my skills weren't best suited to 0.0 fleet warfare.
Politics also had me wondering what I was doing, whether or not I was in the right place.
Don't get me wrong, I love my old corp and would gladly fly with many of the pilots again but it just wasn't for me, I wanted, needed something else.

What was it I was craving? Excitement, fun, freedom.
Where would I find these things in EVE?

When I first started playing, I ventured into lowsec every now and again with friends and the first corporation I joined, Ex Coelis. We did some lowsec ratting and mining but nothing major as we were all new players. After one such expedition to lowsec I was returning to my base of operations when engaged by the Deimos of DruzidelCastro of Vale Heavy Industries in a belt only two jumps from home. Not knowing anything about PvP or Piracy, I declined the offer of 6 million ISK ransom or eject from my ship. Instead my instincts took over and I started to fight.
My Rupture cruiser was no match for Druz in his Deimos and I died in a flash of failure. I managed to get my pod out and went home to lick my wounds.

However, from that day forward all I wanted to do was PvP and the seeds of Piracy were sewn into the fabric of my being.

My discontent with EVE had grown to a point I didn't like logging in anymore but did it because I had friends who were playing and one day, about 9 months ago I was chatting to an old corp mate who is now in Mercenary Coalition and he suggested I try something else, maybe Piracy.
He knew it was something I always talked about and encouraged me to give it a shot.

That day I resigned roles in ARSED and NovaKane Incorporated was born from the ashes of my 0.0 experience, a solo project which to this day remains my pride and joy.
Almost 9 months later I'm a -10 flashy red, The YARR flows strong through my veins and I'm having some of the best times of my existence in the EVE universe.

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