Friday 25 January 2008

Chaos Inflicted

Tonight was a bit strange, doing some paperwork in my hangar I see general dogzbody giving intel in a private channel.

Putting aside the cursed forms which seem to be multiplying at an exponential rate I look to see what's happening

[ 2008.01.25 23:19:46 ] general dogzbody > blob on the ingunn gate in gult

[ 2008.01.25 23:19:54 ] general dogzbody > bb jamming

[ 2008.01.25 23:20:08 ] general dogzbody > brutix drake

[ 2008.01.25 23:21:08 ] general dogzbody > clone

[ 2008.01.25 23:22:11 ] general dogzbody > fight to be had 2 jumps away ill spell it out

[ 2008.01.25 23:23:53 ] general dogzbody > so who,s up for fighting this blob anyone ???

[ 2008.01.25 23:24:47 ] general dogzbody > ingunn gate in gult
[ 2008.01.25 23:24:59 ] general dogzbody > drake brutix clone bb
[ 2008.01.25 23:25:09 ] general dogzbody > few other small things

[ 2008.01.25 23:25:21 ] Kane Rizzel > I'm game
[ 2008.01.25 23:25:35 ] 50freefly > ah hell im in

Looking at my options in the hangar I settle on Karma, my trusty Hurricane. This is the second iteration of Karma as the first died to some anti pirates a few weeks back, but that story and the tale of it's many adventures is for another time.

Making my way towards Ingunn we hastily set up a small gang of dogz in his Typhoon, 50freefly in a Deimos and myself. We weren't quite sure where the targets were or what the total composition of there force was but we were up for a fight. Our only definite plan was to primary the Blackbird when we engaged.

Our communication wasn't very good as we were all in different spots in Ingunn. I noticed a Cyclone battlecruiser parked at a planet and warped in to say hi, bursting out of warp I was greeted with the familiar targeting reticle on my overview, it went from yellow to red in a split second and I returned the favour, opening up with the mighty 425mm Autocannons, I launched a flight of drones and so did the Cyclone. I had given the go signal in fleet channel and would shortly be joined by dogz and 50. My overview started blinking as the Cyclones friends came out of warp on our position and the game was truly on. My support arrived just as the Cyclone gave up and flashed as it exploded. Being the first in I was primaried by the opposing force but was holding my own. Dogz and 50 had joined and the party really got going. Blackbird, then Stabber, Curse, Brutix and finally the Drake all died for zero losses on our side.

Midway through the fight I had to warp out due to being primary but I quickly warped back in to help finish the fight.

We should never have cleaned up as we did as our communication was poor and our DPS was diluted between targets for much of the fight but the fact that we did is testament to experience and us knowing what needed to be done. I only made it onto the Cyclone, Brutix and Drake killmails, the Cyclone being solo but all in all a good job by our small gang

Props to the Chaos Affliction pilots, it was a good fight, nice and clean.

There were one or two hints of more action later but unfortunately they were nothing more than hints, so calling it a night I headed home.

It's been a long day and my bunk looks very comfortable, hopefully tomorrow will be filled with explosions.

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