Monday 7 July 2008


Book: "I am a Shepherd. Folks like a man of God."

Mal: "No, they don't. Men of God make everyone feel guilty and judged."

As my good friend flashfresh would say "It's feast or famine" and it's been famine the past few days. A few frigates here and there, a plex runner kill and a station fight in which I helped pop an Abaddon, strangely the Armageddon that was with him never showed up on my overview so I popped a Condor and Rifter scavenger duo instead.

I did get to unveil a new addition to my fleet, a Crusader interceptor. I've flown this ship in the past, specifically to set the Interceptor speed record but I had never used it in combat until yesterday evening. It's something I'll need to get used to and I'm not entirely happy with the setup. I've used pulse lasers on the Succubus before but maybe I should use a Beam setup for the Crusader and fight at range. I'll keep experimenting.

Kane Rizzel > 02:09:59 Combat Your Gatling Pulse Laser II perfectly strikes ecto seven [4-CE](Slasher), wrecking for 140.1 damage.
Kane Rizzel > first blood for the sader
Xaren Keth > I'm sure the locals are thrilled that you no longer need to reload :)

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