Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Ramblings of a Pirate

Jayne: "Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

Been thinking a bit after reading a discussion regarding Piracy, what does being a Pirate mean to me?

First off I always find it worthwhile to be polite when committing acts of violence, it generally pays better and people are more wiling to pay any demanded ransoms as long as you're not being a jerk, of course it's difficult for people to see things straight while their ship is being pummelled into scrap. As much as I try and be polite, I do take offense to name calling and any such endeavour normally results in a closed convo and a continuation of hostilities, at this point all thoughts of ransom disappear and all attempts to pod will ensue. This doesn't sit well with aggressive clients and will normally result in a tirade via evemail or another convo.

I make my living through Piracy, being good at it means a good living and reputation means everything. Honouring ransoms and 1v1 requests is very important to me, a kind of honour even if I'm trying to steal the fillings from your teeth.

I try very hard not to smack but sometimes it's difficult to resist, I try to remain dignified in defeat but when you get blobbed and denied a good fight it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
I can however smack with the best of them if given the opportunity, it's just not my style.

It's weird, but I consider myself very honourable even though I am a Pirate, not someone who is traditionally considered to be trustworthy but I am a man of my word and any of the Pirates that know me can attest to this. I try and help where I can, even moving ships with my connections for friends who are unable due to security status. It's not what you know in life, it's who you know and Keira is one of the best.

I suppose I don't have a definite definition of me as a Pirate, I just do what I want, when I want and if someone gets in my way... well, I'll attempt to rob them blind, kick them to the curb and say "Have a nice day"

...Trust me, I'm a professional...

It gets lonely though and there have been a few times I've considered openly recruiting to NovaKane Incorporated but every time I've pulled out. I don't have much to offer besides a flag to fly under. I've been a solo operator so long it's a daunting thought of flying with others on a regular basis and it's with that in mind I have rejected numerous invites to other corporations.
I just don't know if I'm a team player any more, maybe I never was. I do fly with others but often find it not profitable enough but it's nice to be able to fly with some good fire-power behind you.

Not even sure what I'd look for in prospective pilots, well, certainly the ability to fly Assault Frigates and Interceptors with appropriate tech 2 weaponry would be the starting point. I'm a big fan of small ship combat as you might have gathered by now ;) and I personally will not fly anything bigger than my Sleipnir, everything else feels like swimming in jello. Of course I'm limiting my options but I find it more of a challenge to be honest. There would be certain rules of course, like any business but for the rest I would probably grant my pilots the same freedoms I afford myself.

SO , don't know what to do really but will definitely think about it, it might just be a passing fancy and maybe it's best I stay on my own, I suppose the freedom is very addictive and being in a corp of many, even if you are running it can be suffocating and Deities know I don't need the stress.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Loners can pick and choose their accomplices, and then ditch 'em like a bad dream if they don't work out. Not so easy to do with corpmates. Might as well keep the targets guessing about who is working with whom til it's too late. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

<3 You're one of my piratey heros, Kane.

Anonymous said...

if you opened up recruitment i'd throw my hand in with you in less than a heartbeat.

like the above poster, your kind of a 'hero' so to speak, your tales are a very big draw for me to start pirating.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing weird about being honourable as a pirate. As a matter of fact it's the only way to earn ISK in this profession on the long run.

Nobody's going to pay you when everybody knows that you're a dick and would toast people after ransoming.

Spectre said...

Frankly I find that having a corp full of like-minded pirates is good and it is bad:

Good: Anytime I run into something that I don't have the size or fit to engage, I can call on my friends and we can take them down like many Raptors would take down a T-Rex. There are many awesome fights and kills I have had in my short span as a pirate that would have never have occurred without friends at my side.

Bad: It reduces your number of targets :) It can also be annoying when I just want to go solo and I get 7 people in Rifters ASSUMING that I want to gang with them.