Tuesday 15 July 2008

I made a new friend

Mal: "Pupils were fixed and dilapidated-"

Simon: "Dialated-"

Mal: "Dialated! Dialated! Ching-wao tsao duh liou mahng!" [Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng = Frog-humping sonofabitch]

SO I couldn't sleep, my headache getting worse. Earlier, as my day was shitty already, a friend had probed out a mission, my initial warpin was met with failure as the Raven was too far away and easily warped out. Things at that point just weren't going my way.

Lying in my bunk I was listening to music when I spotted something on my local comms net, the Raven pilot was back in system. I slowly crawled out of my bunk and headed to my new Sleipnir, might as well get her baptised. I undocked, hit the scanner in the general direction of where it was earlier and smiled.


She has such a soothing voice.

I arrived at the acceleration gate, scanned in the direction of the deadspace and my smile got wider. I accessed the gate and was launched into deadspace. I burst out of warp... RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM. Lock, tackle, guns and drones. The Raven was rocking as my 425s launched round after round of Republic Fleet EMP rounds into it's shields, then armour and then hull.

The explosion was blinding, the blast rocking my ship as debris flew in every direction. The Raven pilot warped his escape pod out immediately even as my systems were trying to lock it down. My head still throbbing but a grin across my face. That was a good kill, a touch unnecessary, might have got a good ransom out of him but all was laid to rest by the following outburst in local:

Lang ren > cao
Lang ren > Kane Rizzil cao ni ma (Apparently means: fuck your mother
Aiko Shinjiro > ding dang dong ching dong dei (Aiko trying his Chinese)
Daplat Mode > LOL
Daplat Mode > its a sad day for the lp store
Kane Rizzel > dude, I would never do that to my mom
Kane Rizzel > cao ni made bi, yi zhi zou, sha bi (A phrase in Chinese given to me by a friend but what it says I don't know yet)
Lang ren > vFUCK YOU
Lang ren > ni ge zhu ,chi shi zhangda de (Still waiting on translation)
Kane Rizzel > I learnt chinese from watching firefly
Kane Rizzel > and Jackie Chan movies
Prediction Pain > shen mei ya???

Was entertaining to me at least, it made me feel better knowing I had made a new friend, hopefully he will seek vengeance and bring many of his friends.


Anonymous said...

let me assist in translation:
cao ni ma (Apparently means: fuck your mother
>> actually cao doesnt seem to mean f***. its like "fry" actually. "Ni Ma" is your mother.

cao ni made bi, yi zhi zou, sha bi
>> no idea. doesn't really make sense to me

ni ge zhu ,chi shi zhangda de
>> "ni ge zhu" loosely translated is "You are pig"
"chi shi zhangda de" means "You ate shit to grow up" or means You are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Ah - love it when we're all working hard on international relations......

Well done Kane, been back-reading all the missed entries and I have to say GODDAMN to the to onyx kill and meh to the FW blob.