Thursday 25 September 2008


People who didn't need people needed people around to know that they were the kind of people who didn't need people.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

It's not always easy losing ships, especially ones that have served me so well.

News had trickled down of a small gang consisting of a Curse, Ishtar, Vexor, Harbinger, Brutix and Falcon hanging about in Emolgranlan on the Eifer gate, I volunteered to bait so boarded my faithful Broadsword and said I would be the worm. I had set up in a belt but Intel reached us that they had moved off the gate so it seemed that the opportunity for a fight had passed but another mark had presented itself in the shape of a Dominix that never jumped into Eifer. Of course at this point I was on the gate when the Falcon jumped through and cloaked, followed shortly after by the Curse.

Curse immediately lit me up and closed the distance to tackle, Falcon de cloaked and jammed and the rest of them jumped in and proceeded to violence my boat.

xxxx > Don't fight on the gate

Well a bit too fucking late for that now, I was going down, no cap, jammed, webbed, tackled and no sight of any of my gang mates. Monstrous Regiment exploded, a ship that has served me so well just annihilated in the most obscene fashion.

This is what I get for flying with others.

I warped my escape pod out and headed straight back to Gusandall to lick my wounds.

I lit a cigarette and made myself a cup of hot chocolate, I needed something sweet.


Pegleg Punk said...

Mr. Rizzel, I know "exactly" how you feel. Even Aura can be one too many...

Carole Pivarnik said...

Arrrgh. Sorry 'bout that...hope you put something alcoholic in that hot chocolate. To sweeten it up, dontcha know.

Anonymous said...

Kane, sorry to hear about the loss of the Monstrous Regiment. It has flown and served you well. I can only assume there was a massive communications error there. I think it's time (or was) to get a drink....


Keystone said...

You lost a ship THEN went to make a drink, and I lost my ship while making a drink.

I like your method better ^^