Monday 22 September 2008

So my ISK farming friend, we meet again.

"Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men!"

-- Rule One (Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time)

Nothing in the universe gives me greater pleasure than ruining someone's night, especially if it involves Ravens and ISK farmers. With this in mind it was that I sent my covops friend to Ingunn to keep an eye on the locals. Insomnia gets the better of me more and more these days and I need to vent my frustrations in the only way I know how... Violence, lot's and lots of Violence with a side order of Carnage.

My friend in her Cheetah stationed herself in Ingunn and started to scan at regular intervals and it wasn't long before two Ravens appeared on scanner, seemingly in a mission, together. This Intel brought great feelings of happiness to my heart. One of the Raven pilots was someone I had violenced in the past and on one occasion he was most upset.

A probe was dropped but they left system before she could get a hit but it seemed like they went next door to Gultraten so she followed. At this point I was waiting in The Fifth Elephant™, my trusty Sleipnir and the last thing many a Farmer Raven sees before exploding.

The Ravens were indeed in Gultraten and my friend warped to a spot where she could drop a probe and soon I got the call that she had a hit. I warped to the Gult gate and jumped through and entered warp to her position, I landed on top of an acceleration gate and activated it as soon as I could. It was strange that there was no scout on the gate but that didn't matter right now as I was slung into warp.

Bursting out of warp I was greeted by both Ravens warping out, it seems my presence in system was more than enough to spook them. Damn, what now? Both Ravens had docked up, so I left system to see if they would try and run the mission again.

Sometimes my hunches pay off and soon both Ravens undocked, I waited until they had warped back to the mission gate and then jumped in but as I entered my friend reported that they both started aligning for the station again. Damn, I needed to think, I needed to kill and the only way was to recruit some help.

From past dealings with them and a quick scan of various networks it showed that Lang ren had recently been using warp core stabilisers a lot so with this in mind I asked in an Intel channel if anyone with a Heavy Interdiction Cruiser would be willing to fit two Warp Disruption Generators and come play "Introduce the Ravens to their Doom" with me. Colonel Kurtz replied to the affirmative and made his way over to Gultraten while I stayed in Ingunn.

Both Ravens had undocked so I told Krusty to warp to my friend but hadn't noticed the mission gate had disappeared until he landed... Damn. However the Ravens had not left system and seemed to be running another mission so my friend dropped another probe and soon got a hit, she warped in but got uncloaked on the acceleration gate, in full view of one of the Ravens, she tried to bump him so he couldn't warp but the Cheetah isn't very good at that. Both Ravens warped out before Krusty could get there but if anything I believed they would be back so my friend waited, with Krusty at a safespot aligned to her position. Lo and behold they did return and the go was given, Krusty warped his Broadsword in and activated the gate, I had warped to the Gult gate and would wait until he had them both tackled and soon he confirmed that both were trapped.

I jumped in and warped straight to the acceleration gate, activated it and was slung into the deadspace, I burst out of warp with both Ravens engaging Krusty's Broadsword but one thing I know about that ship is that it can take a helluva beating, I locked and engaged Lang ren, he was already deep in armour from Krusty's onslaught, I just added the icing on the cake, he exploded and our attention turned to his friend, who to be quite honest was in some serious trouble, his Raven crumpled under our combined fire and he was too slow to warp his escape pod out, another corpse for "the Morgue"

I was stoked, two kills, well executed and much thanks and love to Colonel Kurtz for the massive assist in making it happen. I headed back to Gusandall on a high, this definitely made my night and hopefully I would be able to get some sleep... But only after the adrenaline wears off.


Kirith Kodachi said...

OMG, it never occurred to me to put two warp field generators on my Onyx! That's a great idea!

Carole Pivarnik said...

Well done! ISK farmers annoy me no end; the number of them in Essence is just ridiculous. All doing courier missions for the most part, it seems, so they drop nothing of consequence. But given the only good ISK farmer is a dead one, it's worth shooting at them for that reason alone.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Kane. Though reading it I can't help but think this...

Good luck with your pirate fare.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how dare somebody besides you enjoy themselves playing the game. Seek professional help, dude.