Monday 29 September 2008

Ooh it's like a Pinata.

For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites)

OK, I'm on fire... Fire isn't good.

How did this happen? How did I let myself get into this position? Well, it's because I get big headed sometimes, I get greedy. I just can't leave well enough alone, I always have to take another shot at the title.

So it was that I chased the Jaguar into the 2/10 plex again, I had already killed him once today and I wanted the double.

The first fight was a good battle, both webbing each other, trying to maintain range, trying to keep transversal up. His tank similar to mine broke after a good 4 minute fight. This time however, I warped in right on top of him. I was locked, scrammed and webbed as I landed, I returned the favour but this time things went pretty bad for me, a close fight but he came out on top. I warped my pod out and docked up, no time to lick my wounds, I wanted to get out there and have another shot.

I grabbed another Jaguar , the corp requisition form will have to be filled in later, it was revenge time. 1-1, scores tied, there needed to be a winner. I undocked and warped to the plex, the red mist had descended, I wanted blood. Unfortunately the other Jaguar pilot decided that a draw was sufficient and docked up.

There was something else of interest, a Crow interceptor, in the top belt. Well time to play.

I warped in at zero, knowing full well the Crow would probably have moved off a bit and he had, over 120km, no bother, I hit my afterburner and started to move towards him at a liesurely pace. The Crow slowly started to bridge the gap and soon he settled into a lazy orbit around me, between 25km and 35km, peppering my shields with light missiles.

"Keira! You awake? Could use some of your magic."

It was clear the Crow didn't want to come within 20km of me, I don't blame him, so another tactic was required. I made as if I was aligning out, this choice would appear wise as my shields started to fail. I warped out to the planet and immediately set warp back to the belt. This short reprieve gave my shields a chance to regenerate. Once again we were separated by over 100clicks, once again I went through the motions to close the distance. The Crow now full of confidence did the same and soon we were dancing above the asteroids.

Deep in space a Claymore command ship uncloaked, it's gang mods activated.

"OK, you're good to go, don't lose another Jag, this could get embarrassing you know"

Well thank you Keira, so kind of you to join us.

Extra speed, extra range on the web, which was now set to overload. I made the motion to warp out again, lulling the Crow in. His orbit ellipsed and I did a Crazy Ivan.
Metal strained as the Jaguar fought the massive forces of the turn, my web set to overload and Keira's bonuses meant I was getting closer to the magic number. I kept a close watch on my overview and as he came into range it kicked in. I approached at full speed, ramming my Jaguar right into him. Webbed and scrammed, the Crow was vapourised in a flash.

Good fights were shared in local comms. Indeed it was.

Been a good day so far, even with the loss. A solo kill of a Rupture with my Rifter, a Wolf downed in a plex with my unfortunate Jaguar. Another Rupture using a Broadsword, then got a 1v1 offer from the downed pilot who brought a Burst to a Rifter fight (I let him get me to half shields before destroying him), then a suicide tackle on a Drake an Myrm with my Rifter, called in some friends for help, got the Myrmidon but Drake warped out (Need to share those points lads) and a good old fashioned Rifter vs Rifter fight.

I would later partake in a bit of a melee outside the station against pilots from Rage and Terror which ended 3 to 1 in their favour but interesting to be involved in.

Some good fights, an avoidable loss and fun all round, I retire to the comfort of my bunk.


Anonymous said...

Great recount there Kane. Felt like I was sitting behind you and looking over your shoulder. I was following your actions through the Independence channel and your KB; I was pre-occupied a few jumps away. Those R and T brought a fair few drakes to the party didn't they? Sounded fun and I will swing round soon.

Keystone said...

I have to agree with FlashFresh; great recount of everything.

Part of me wants to live a normal life in EvE, but then the other part of me reads blogs like yours and Flash's and wants to shoot at anything that moves! >=)