Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Reset

Any wizard bright enough to survive for five minutes was also bright enough to realise that if there was any power in demonology, then it lay with the demons. Using it for your own purposes would be like trying to beat mice to death with a rattlesnake.

-- Why summoning demons is a Bad Idea
(Terry Pratchett, Eric)

I've gone done something drastic, but it was something that has been a long time coming

M34N Corp have for a long time been friends of mine, specifically pilots who I had fought alongside to make Gusandall a fortress.

In the beginning, M34N and I were hostile to each other, me having to prove myself to the established Pirate corp in the cluster, won some, lost lots but eventually I made friends with some of the bolder pilots from M34N and was brought in to their inner circle.

Many years have passed since those days, many of my friends in M34N Corp have retired, M34N itself a shadow of the powerhouse it once was, as such, the agreement I had with them, no longer stands, I've been blue to them for a long time, but no longer, today I contacted them, out of courtesy and informed them of my intentions to hunt their carebears, to have good fights and make Gusandall a place for fighting and Piracy once more, I requested them to reset me.
I'm hoping this kick starts what is left of M34N into action.

I actually expect some good fights and hope they give as good as they get, but I won't just engage willy nilly, I will still try be smart about it and pick off the weaker members and I won't just throw ships away.


Anonymous said...

Already the mails are flooding in about this, ingame and

I hope this go's well for you m8, and plz keep intouch!

Mid (DS)

Anonymous said...

Irregular is sad to see ya go, but I understand bro... completely.


Asssassin X said...

Long time coming mate, happy Hunting

Flashfresh said...

Indeed, happy hunting.Am sure what is left of M34N will respond accordingly so I am expecting some fantastic posts from Mr Rizzel.