Wednesday, 17 April 2013

BLUDZ still recruiting

- "Have you any last words?"
- "Well. Succinct, anyway."
-- Death at the other end of the scythe, for once
(Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

Rens Fight Club is not moving as fast as I'd hoped but it's still going and will do even if it's just Midnight doing it, we have a few recruits, all 2013s and all chomping at the bit to kick ass and chew bubblegum, so why not join is and while you're at it, please bump our recruitment thread from time to time.

Podding is allowed and whilst I initially had to get over my Piratical nature of ransoming pods, I now pop em as soon as, before they get a chance to dock. The above is Midnight's second billion ISK pod, at 3 million SP it's a lot of fun, the challenges of fitting ships with low skills is amazing and tactics become a million times more interesting, as with Kane I could pretty much predict the outcome of most frigate brawls before the first shots were fired.

The dueling system is great, could use some tweaks to make it easier to initiate duels, but I like the system.

Midnight's Battleclinic killboard is growing, plenty of losses but a lot of good and close fights in those losses.

Last night saw Kane flying a Basilisk in a nullsec operation with Calamitous Intent and friends, an operation to rep a tower and get a fight turned into a brawl with four Pandemic Legion Super Capitals, two Aeons and two Nyx.

7-2 lost a repping carrier in the time it took us to warp from the gate to the cyno but we mostly then killed fighters and fighter bombers whilst battling with a glitched broadcast system. We didn't have any interdictors or heavy interdictors with us but we managed to bubble the supers with mobile bubbles, moving them and getting them online just as the Supers managed to get out of one. 

We lost a few Maelstroms due to said bugged broadcasts but held the Supers down for a good long time, before PL cynoed in a carrier group to break out their Supers, we retreated at this point as the Alpha from a whole bunch of carrier's worth of sentry drones would be too much. We didn't have a batphone but some friends of 7-2 did bring an interdictor and bubbles were flying everywhere, annoying the PL carrier group even further.

At long last, with us inside the POS shields, the PL supers jumped out, but the carriers were having a tougher time as the interdictor kept dropping well timed bubbles, causing frustration. They targeted the tower and started shooting it, but as time went on they focussed on the Sabre interdictor, eventually killing it and saving face by jumping out. 

We sure did get a fight, just not the one we expected but all in all we had fun, sure we lost a carrier and a bunch of other things, but we did inflict some financial damage in the form of lost fighters and fighter bombers.

With PL gone, we repped the tower with our Basilisks and a single Niddhogur that jumped in.

Tower saved, a good fight, objective accomplished, we head home

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