Monday, 1 April 2013

Midnight the Coward

Duel: A duel is an arranged engagement in combat between two individuals, with matched weapons in accordance with agreed-upon rules
Written by Midnight Freeman with chat logs taken from Rens Local and Private conversations

An Enyo challenges my mighty battle Atron to a duel outside the Brutor Tribe Treasury, an older player with a ship that outclasses and outguns my frigate.
I decide to go for it and soon we are locked in battle, I quickly move to 7km away and my rails start punching into his shields but strangely he doesn't attack, he docks up.

Seconds later he is back out and I lock, tackle and start shooting again, his shields stripped and my rails start chewing away at his armour when he docks yet again.

A third opportunity to duel presents itself seconds later as he undocks yet again, but instead he warps to a safe spot and then to a different station in Rens.

Midnight Freeman > gf I suppose
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > just repairing
Midnight Freeman > so dock and run, dock and run is how you duel?

A few moments later, after I had repaired the damage to my guns and tackle I get a private convo request from the Enyo pilot

Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > o/
Midnight Freeman > sup
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > still wanna duel that atron?
Midnight Freeman > nah, I'm good
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > pussy

Say what?

Midnight Freeman > Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > pussy << says the man who ran away from the atron in his Enyo

So I undock again, to see if there's anything else that actually wants to fight, and the Enyo pilot is back out there in an Ishkur this time

Pyotr Kropotkin > did you beat him?
Airro Fairlight > Midnight Freeman You have an interesting face.
Midnight Freeman > Pyotr, he docked twice and then ran
Randy Orien-Beryle > He didn't. the Enyo fled the field to "repair"
Midnight Freeman > then comes back in an ishkur
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > u wanna keep range so il leven it out :)
Pyotr Kropotkin > oh dear

The Enyo, now Ishkur pilot starts duel request spamming me, I keep declining...

Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > lol now wont duel me
Midnight Freeman > and now he's dead set on winning back his honour
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > u wont duel me
Midnight Freeman > I don't fight cowards
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > ur the one being a coward now (Really?)
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > u only fight if u can keep range like a bitch (It was 7km)
Scaredwolf1 SemperFi > now i have something to even the range out and u wont fight
Midnight Freeman > why don't you come back in a cruiser or something
Cyro Manderville > good tactics = being a bitch
Cyro Manderville > welcome to eve

I would fight Pyotr's Slasher again and lose again a few minutes later... Damn Slashers :p


Miura Bull said...


Unfortunately you'll find a lot of those retarded types in hubs. They're like ... I dunno.

Ragelle said...

Their concept of a fight is two guys standing still trading punches to the gut.

Chuck Norris is not amused.

Naoru Kozan said...

Welcome to highsec pvp :P