Monday, 21 December 2009

Gusandall 1-1

The gods of the Disc have never bothered much about judging the souls of the dead, and so people only go to hell if that's where they believe, in their deepest heart, that they deserve to go. Which they won't do if they don't know about it. This explains why it is so important to shoot missionaries on sight.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Eric)

Gusandall... A small system in Heimatar low security space, one station, 5 stargates, 8 planets, 8 asteroid belts and home to a bunch of delinquents.

A small Cult of War gang was spotted in Ingunn: Megathron, Typhoon and two Guardians. A nice compact gang. A few of the locals were spoiling for a fight, unsure of our numbers it was decided that we didn't want to fight on a gate or the station.

So what was the plan? The plan was to drop some bait in belt 1-1.

Who would be the bait?

Moi :D

Nanny Ogg drops out of warp in belt 1-1 and starts to align back to the station. The Megathron warps to the station to see what's stirring but warps to the Ingunn gate as it seems the locals are seemingly asleep.

Kashmyta > 1-1 for fightz

Well, if that doesn't get their attention, nothing will :)

Nanny Ogg is slow boating in the direction of the station when the Megathron bursts out of warp at zero in the belt, 23 km away. I make sure I have the right bits of glass loaded and lock the Mega up, he starts to close as his friends jump in, my friends start their warp in.

Nanny Ogg's Mega Pulse lasers start to chew into the Mega as he desperately tries to close the distance, he launches a flight of Ogre IIs, I launch a flight of Warrior IIs to kill them. The Mega inches closer, webbed from about 13km away it's slow going for him trying to catch the slow Nanny Ogg.

Typhoon drops out of warp, as does the rest of the locals, the two logistics ships the last to get to the belt, but it's already too late for the Mega pilot, he's venting gas and fuel into space and is not long for this universe. A massive explosion shakes the Megathron to its very hull and focus shifts to the Typhoon, light attack drones and ecm drones zoom off to deal with the logistics ships.

The Phoon folds and all that is left is to deal with the two Guardians which we are very successful in doing.

By the time the dust settles it seems we had rather more fire power than first anticipated but it was a very well executed fight on our part.

Good fight and respect to the Bovines.

Good times in Gusandall :P


Anonymous said...

Expected a word about you getting creamed by PL, left disappointed :(

Also I dont untderstand how you caught the Guardians.

Kane Rizzel said...

I really considered commenting about the PL fight but tbh it was such a non event for me it just wasn't worth it.

For those that don't know: VHI scorp jumps gus, we engage with mixed BC/SC gang, cyno goes up and OHSHIT of PL titan bridge in a sizeable faction BS gang with 5 guardian support, We lose Proteus and my Harbinger, they lose cyno bait scorp, end of story.

I loved that Harby man :(

The fight against COW was much more blog material, they knew what we had and still jumped in, fair due to them.

Yargok said...

I love Nanny Ogg. :)


Flashfresh said...