Tuesday, 15 December 2009

[OOC] The Rocket Witchcraft

I'm a big fan of EVE PvP videos and as such have quite a large collection of various pilots doing there thing. I've always wanted to do one of my own but lack the the brains to remember to hit record and the kung fu of editing.

However there are plenty of quality videos out there and I thought I'd take the time to promote a fantastic video by Fon Revedhort called The Rocket Witchcraft which I discovered last night.

It showcases some amazing piloting and a certain bravado which is lacking recently in EVE and is well worth the download.

The eve-o thread is here.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for your link, Kane.

As a long time reader of your blog the prospect of a Kane Rizzel PvP video is very interesting for me and I'd guess for a lot of people.

-Chas Ibum

Helicity Boson said...

that video is AMAZING