Monday, 28 December 2009

Titan bridges , epic tackles and sweet revenge

Basically, there were two sides to the world. There was the entire computer games software industry engaged in a tremendous effort to stamp out piracy, and there was Wobbler. Currently, Wobbler was in front.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Only You Can Save Mankind)

Legion of xXDEATHXx have set up shop next door in Sotrenzur, quite a few of the sneaky bastards with a Titan at a POS. They dropped a Remote Rep battleship gang on us yesterday in which Nanny Ogg went out in a blaze of glory.

So when one of their pilots appears in local in a Megathron, the Admiral Akbar senses started tingling. Laneth really wanted to engage but the rest of us were just expecting to get dropped again but a plan was devised to deal with the impending danger and a rather ingenious plan it was.

A rather crazy pilot would tackle the Megathron, who had quite conveniently warped to a belt, more evidence suggesting a trap, while tackled the suport in battleships and commandships would warp in at range and BBQ the Mega.

The tackler would be flying a Rifter, get in close with afterburner glowing whilst making sure the Mega stayed put.

So it was that I warped in, fortunately for me the Mega had warped in at zero and made my life very easy. I locked him up, set a tight 500metre orbit and proceeded to lay the tackle down. Webbed and scrammed he was now staying put, till he or I died. He locked me up and started to fire, his blasters not able to track my rather fabulous Rifter, he launched a flight of Ogre IIs, but they too had trouble hitting me, being rather the cautious fella that I am, I started to shoot the Ogres, which he duly scooped.

Dogz, Laneth, Kurtz and Nomi warped in at range and engage, the Mega starts to drop into armour. Another xXDEATHXx pilot enters local, in a Tempest and warps in at range, close to my support, again, the threat of Titan Bridge means my support warps out, all the while I'm buzzing around the Mega like a mad fat kid at an all you can eat candy buffet.

Tempest deploys Valkyrie IIs, a more direct threat to my Rifter, so I lock them up and start popping them one by one. Support decides they're not letting me have this kill alone and warp back in at range, this is made easier by the fact the Tempest is right on top of me now and has me webbed.

The Mega starts to vent atmosphere and gas into space and the Tempest takes this as its cue to bail. The Mega decides it has had enough of this harrasment from my Rifter and explodes in a bright flash which illuminates my grin even further.

Keeper ofDungeonSquad > died to rifter ))
Keeper ofDungeonSquad > epic )
Kane Rizzel > good fight mate

And it was a good fight, for me at least. I have avenged Nanny Ogg in the best way I know how.


Bourreau said...


Anonymous said...

what moon is their POS at?

Yargok said...

Sweet revenge!

Send them XxXxXXXxxxx back to the drone regions..

Flashfresh said...

These chaps have no set up shop in Sot? Cool - am looking forward to more kills. I don't think they realise that their next door neighbour is Kane.

More fool them!

All power to you Kane, they end up fearing you whenever you come into local.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

LOL one of their own scrambled it!

Good job mate :)

Bart Ooms (Vao) said...

Legion of xXDEATHXx... sneaky backstabbers those guys. I remember them dropping a carrier on a simple raven to kill it while it was ratting in a belt... oh, and they were blue.

Wish I was still playing EVE, then I could join you in kicking their little *****. :(

Good job anyway,