Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stirring the hornets nest

Above the hearth was a huge pokerwork sign saying "Mother". No tyrant in the whole history of the world had ever achieved a domination so complete.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters)

Keira lost an Ishtar to Angel Annex, silly girl. Other than that been a lazy day, been busy doing other things.

However when my covops friend reported a Cynabal engaging some of the Gusandall crew outside the station I just had to undock. I grabbed a Harbinger and joined in. Sorry Rai, too juicy a kill to refuse.

The highlight of the night for me was when a Typhoon decided to plant itself on the Gus station and antagonise the locals. Scouts had already reported he had an Armageddon, a Hyperion and a Loki waiting in nearby systems.

Zephirz > cmon you pussies be active!
nominruil > lol failbait?
Zephirz > lol failpirates?
Zephirz > disgrace to the proffesion

So a small fleet was hastily gathered of the local gentry, the affront to our Piratiness not to be forgiven lightly. Nomi undocked a carrier to keep their attention.

nominruil > ok
nominruil > lets rumble?
Zephirz > obviiously the carrier >.>
nominruil > ok send in the fleet
nominruil > we are ready
Zephirz > arent you a tough guy now..
Zephirz > its fucking sad tbh..
Kane Rizzel > get the hyp and loki to jump in
Zephirz > and what? watch you undock anotehr 2 carriers? or watch you dockup?>
nominruil > nah we gonna get the erebus instead
Zephirz > yea really tough..
Zephirz > and than call me out for baiting >.>
nominruil > I know i am
Zephirz > rather dissapointed now
Zephirz > so yea, you gonna keep wasting my time or are you going to dockup again?
Kane Rizzel > depeends on when you call all your buddies
nominruil > hrm.. you don't have a 40 man blob like we expected
Zephirz > no
Zephirz > i dont need that shit
Kane Rizzel > hyp, loki, geddon and one cloaky
Zephirz > i dont have carriers on standby either
Zephirz > lol
Zephirz > wanna see my cloaky?\
Zephirz > there he is

I undocked in Nanny Ogg, the Abaddon, locked up the Phoon and waited to see if he'd engage.

Kane Rizzel > so you want sents on your side too or you want to make this a more interesting fight
Zephirz > id love to make this a more interesting fight
general dogzbody > p1
Zephirz > rgr
Zephirz > so undock than
Zephirz > not waiting for you to warp yout carrier to the planet
general dogzbody > im in pos 1 sec
general dogzbody > lol like were that stupid
cheesyhead > the general stupidity of a low sec persona is pretty infinate

I warped to Planet 1, where the rest of the gang were waiting

nominruil > well we ready?
general dogzbody > pussies : -))
Zephirz > ah yeah our 3 bs vs yout 4 bs, possibly eos and a another guy docked up
Zephirz > fucking sad man
Zephirz > interesting fight my ass
moliboi > u forgot ur loki
Kane Rizzel > well, you wanted us active, no use crying now
nominruil > actualy we are all here...
Zephirz > yea
general dogzbody > there is only 2 of us were both tripple accounting

Unfortunately their bravado, now drained meant they were making a dash for it.

The Hyp, Geddon and Loki jumped in and went towards Sotrenzur, the Typhoon warped to Ingunn, They were trying to outflank us in an area we are infinitely familiar with. So we warped to the Ingunn gate, scouts reporting the Hyp, Geddon and Loki waiting on the other side, one of us engaged the Phoon to force him through, he jumped and we followed.

It was game time, Hyperion was our primary, we uncloaked and engaged, I was primaried, We switched to the Phoon and just before it went down they switched target to moliboi in a Geddon as Nanny Ogg's skirt was a bit too much for them. Phoon explodes, moliboi's Geddon exlodes, we drop the Hyp rather sharpish and pick on the Loki as it's scrammed, webbed and about to lose some SP. As it explodes the Geddon jumps out rather wisely and we are left victorious over the field of battle.

nominruil > gf
Kane Rizzel > gf
Kashmyta > gf

Not a word from our antagonizers. Careful what you wish for

I returned to Gus where Keira repped Nanny Ogg's armour at The Mended Drum and I docked up, glad for the chance to have a nice cup of Earl Grey and a cigarette.

Stay Classy


Bourreau said...

Well done sir.

Sard Caid said...

While I'm all for using smack to start a fight, I'm also prepared to back it up, whether with my gang or some respect once everything is said and done.

Good stuff.

Kirith Kodachi said...

I approve of this shellacking.

Anonymous said...

Pratchett references in Eve?

Where's the apply button at ;x

Also, where's the Mended Drum located, I plan on planting a flag on a barstool the day WIS goes live.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the Geddon Killmail?

Kane Rizzel said...

The geddon jumped out and ran