Saturday, 26 December 2009

T'is the season

"*Veni, vici*...Vetinari."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Jingo)

Piracy, as with everything in New Eden, doesn't just happen overnight, sometimes there is a lot of waiting.

There has been a peculiar visitor in recent weeks to Gusandall, a pilot who seemingly never undocked. No one knows when or how he arrived, what he was flying or what his intentions were.

So when another member of the visitors corp appeared in local I was much intrigued. The visitors corp mate had warped to the station in his pod, curious, but my curiosity turned into the assumption that the corp mate was scouting and when I saw the visitor disappear off the station registry I knew it was time, I raced to my Bhaalgorn, appropriately christened Havelock Vetinari.

The visitor had undocked in an Abaddon, a most formidable battleship but one I'm very familiar with myself. It is very hungry for capacitor to fuel its mighty Mega Pulse lasers and my choice of the Bhaalgorn was perfect. I undocked and immediately started to lock the visitor but just before it resolved he warped off in the direction of the Eifer gate, I followed, along with a few of the Gus locals who were quite keen to make the acquaintance of our mysterious visitor.

The massive Bhaalgorn exits warp on the Eifer gate, just in time to watch the visitor jump out. How rude, leaving without saying word one to us... I follow, ready to tackle and engage.

I enter Eifer and the visitor no longer keen on our hospitality drops gate cloak and hastily tries to get into warp, 27km away I start to lock, it resolves and my warp disruptor kicks in, dual webs reach out and slow him to a crawl, energy neutralisers bridge the gap and drain him dry, mega pulse lasers scorch the very space around them, a flight of combat drones stream out from my drone bay and head in for the kill.

I'm joined by some of the Gusandall locals, most upset that our visitor didn't take the time to get to know us, the Abaddon is no longer shooting, it's lasers hungry for cap it no longer has, it starts to break up, gas and fuel venting into space, it violently explodes amidst the onslaught.
I'd say good fight but to be fair he stood very little chance. Unlucky.

Next time, say hi, get to know us, we're really friendly folk :)


Piracy is not just perpetuated in low security space, it can happen anywhere, even where you think you're safe. With this in mind, Nomi had decided a little trip to highsec would cheer the locals up. I grabbed a Thrasher from the corp hangar, fitted it with loot from some unfortunate victim, insured it and joined the small gang of trouble makers in Eifer.

Our mark was being lined up by a friend of Nomi, a Hulk peacefully mining in an ice belt. Once in place we warped to the gate, jumped in, held cloak till Nomi gang warped us to the Hulk's demise. guns set to overload, I'd be lucky to get a second volley off on this kamikaze run.

We land, lock and pop the hulk, CONCORD police ships warp in and punish us for our dastardly deed even as we giggle like little children. Nomi's friend scoops the loot, which is poor and we head back to the safety of lowsec in our pods.

Good times.

Havelock was used last night to bring Hogswatch cheer to a lucky Rattlesnake pilot who was fortunate to enough to join us in Gus for the festivities. A curious fit to say the least.

I hope everyone has had a good festive season and I for one look forward to the new year.

Stay classy.

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Helicity Boson said...

You know how much I love exploding hulks kane! Did you see that hulkageddon II is coming? Massive prize list this time around, over 7b worth \o/