Thursday, 7 January 2010

Just another day in Heimatar

"All right," said Masklin. "But you're not to fly down low again and try to read the signposts. Every time you do that, humans rush into the streets and we get lots of shouting on the radio."
"That's right." said the Thing. "People are bound to get excited when they see a ten-million-ton starship trying to fly down the street."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Wings)

It's been a while since I got any good hate mail, it makes me feel unloved :(

Exhumers have been popping all over EVE in Hulkageddon II, but I want to take a moment to get back to my roots, belt piracy.

On the way back from one of our recent raids into highsec we spotted a Nighthawk on the Emolgranlan gate. After getting lost in my pod I went through Eifer and spotted the Nighthawk in the central cluster. Racing back to Gus to grab something sturdier than a pod, I decided on the Fleet Stabber

Stabber Fleet Issue
Responding to voices stating that the Stabber needed an upgrade to be viable as a fleet vessel of military standards, the Republic Fleet commissioned the creation of the Fleet Issue Stabber; a slower, hardier version of the original that packs quite a bit more firepower. Being as new as it is on the battlefield, the Fleet Issue Stabber hasn't seen many large engagements yet, but its engineers as well as Fleet command are very optimistic about its performance.

Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret firing speed and 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret tracking speed per level.

It's rather quick, even with a bulky 1600mm plate but I thought I'd give the guy a fighting chance, especially since the locals were getting ready to come out and give him a warm welcome.

I quickly tracked the Nighthawk down to a belt and warped in but he was 100 clicks away, I started to close and he warped off. I followed and started to track again, warpin at 70 to the belts.

Kane Rizzel > Eifer 1-1, warping at 70

I burst out of warp, 30 clicks off and start to close, he engages me.

Thank you kind sir, that makes it easier.

I get within scrambler and dual web range and engage, launch a flight of light drones to deal with his. I start to take heavy armour damage as the small gang of locals arrive, I hold tackle just long enough for others to get points on and warp out at 31% armour.

I make all haste to get back to the fight and make it back just in time to lay down some more damage. The Nighthawk explodes, to the delight of the assembled Pirates and the best was yet to come. I open the wreck and I giggle with delight as a the loot gods smiled down upon us.

The Gist A-type Large Shield Booster and the Caldari Navy Shield Boost Amplifier dropped. \o/

About 800million ISK made in a few minutes between the five of us.

Not bad, even if I do say so myself.

We went back to raiding highsec for Exhumers but it has been a rather good few nights for me.

I really want to thank the M34N Corp guys for letting me tag along on the Hulkageddon carnage.

Stay Classy.


Carole Pivarnik said...

That is one sweet loot drop! Funny how those random, ad hoc encounters can turn out to be so awesome.

Calderus Rex said...

Sweet drop. Loot fairies smiled upon you!

Arrhidaeus said...

Wow, I'm very jealous of that Nighthawk kill! I agree with you about hatemail as well, because a good one always brightens my day. They're like drugs, in that after tasting a quality hatemail, ones not dripping with hate tend not to satisfy anymore, though.