Monday 7 April 2008

Aces high

I walked into the hangar to see the vidphone flashing "targets in Eifer, bring DPS" so I boarded Karma™ and primed her systems, she hadn't been used in a while as I've been doing a lot of solo work in Frigates and Cruisers.
I joined the hastily assembled gang as they were preparing to send a baitship in to get the hostiles to engage, I'm not a big fan of this tactic but it's one that has proven results. Blobs don't like to get outblobbed.

Our marks consisted of:
1 Megathron
2 Hurricanes
1 Myrmidon
1 Harbinger
1 Phobos
1 Vagabond

A decent high DPS setup but light on electronic warfare which has become all the rage these days.

Our gang consisted of:

1 Maelstrom (Baitship)
1 Dominix
1 Raven
1 Astarte
1 Vulture
1 Falcon
1 Pilgrim
2 Hurricane

Very balanced and a good turnout for such short notice. As pirates we have our differences but anti pirates and blobs are a common problem for us. Five different corps in one gang and sometimes with this comes the problem of communication, this time we had very little issue.

Our bait went in with the Falcon cloaked above him, he was very shortly engaged by the Vagabond which was joined by his friends and the order to jump in was given, once in system all haste was made to warp to him and engage, targets being called as we were in hyperspace.
Burtsing out of warp my systems resolved to show our Maelstrom swarmed by drones, our Falcon going to work on the bulk of their DPS, removing their ability to lock.
I locked onto the first 4 targets and our gang went to work, knocking off the targets one by one. Hurricane, Hurricane, Myrmidon, Megathron, Phobos and Harbinger, very soon all that was left were 6 wrecks and a corpse as we podded the Phobos pilot, his corpse making a nice addition to "The Morgue", swarms of drones abbandoned in space by the downed pilots littered the asteroid belt, we took a look around to see where we stood with regards to losses and found we were all intact, not a single loss. A quick survey of the wrecks showed we had killed everything but the Vagabond, we were however left on a field of victory and looting and scooping of drones commenced

I don't often run in gangs lately as I lost a lot of my solo edge but this felt damn good, bringing the pain in such a manner is invigorating even though our communication is always lacking, however, the pirates of the Evannater constelation are exceptional in their efficiency and ruthlesness, this allows even ad hoc gangs to cause havoc.

Props to Ace Secunda for some brilliant gang bonus, Redbad playing bait to perfection, Serenetor for keeping Redbad alive with some great repping, Prediction Pain for some great Raspberry Jams and the rest of the guys for a good gang and fight.

I finished the night with a quick solo kill of a Thrasher in my favourite Plex.
I docked up, a few restless nights with little sleep has me feeling rather drained, I hope I can get some more hunting done this week

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