Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tourists in Space

You may be asking yourself "Kane, double you tea eff mate? What's with the tourist gig?" Well, it's mainly because I can, not being tied down by a corp or alliance I am able to do whatever I want, recently I've been bored and decided that seeing the sights of the Universe would be a challenge. Keira thinks I've gone insane and she may be right but I'm seeing things which are truly inspiring.

This evening started with a trip of epic proportions, over 280 jumps in total in "Discworld Tours™" my Crow class interceptor. It almost ended as quickly as it had started as I encountered a gate camp with an interdictor bubble in 8YC-AN, Great Wildlands. My overview resolved and there was quite a force, included was a Rapier only 22km from me, I made the decision to break cloak and aligned to a planet, I hit the MWD and tried to burn out of the bubble, the camp targeted me and I found myself being warp scrambled and webbed but my momentum carried me out of the bubble and warp scram range and I was able to warp out with 50% of my structure remaining. My ship was on fire and I had me a narrow escape. Just the kind of thing to get the blood pumping.

I docked in E02 and repaired as all that red on my HUD wouldn't help me if I encountered a more competent camp. I did however encounter another two camps, roaming blobs to be more precise and I blew through there attempts to catch me with ease. I eventually made it to AZN and the Ars Orbiting HQ, home of my old corp Ars ex Discordia and I said hi to some old friends, the last time I was there was during the ASCN/BoB war and the place has a lot of memories for me. A few minutes later I was in C9N and I warped to Steve's wreck, the first Titan class ship to be destroyed in EvE's universe, it was piloted by CYVOK, the alliance leader of ASCN.
I was fortunate enough to be involved in the first ever Titan jump bridge when we went to help some allies fend off a POS assault so seeing Steve's wreck brought back a lot of memories.

With that done I set my destination for 46DP, the site of a memorial set up by the pilots of Goonswarm to commemorate their Titan kill of Shrike's Avatar class Titan, Darwin's Contraption, unfortunately the Giant Secure Containers are being removed in an attempt to clear up space junk so it's no longer complete. It was getting late so I set destination for home and it was a rather uneventful trip, no camps, no targets, nothing. I stopped in at one or two other sights on the way back and eventually got home, tired but invigorated.

Fort Kumar

The Ars Orbiting HQ, home to my old corp and a tribute to the Ars Technica forums

Steve's wreck in C9N

It's frickin huge

46DP Shrike Titan Memorial, now incomplete as the cans are being removed

Fatimar Outpost MY-W1V

The Alliance Barracks

To date I have visited:

EVE Gate
The Crystal Cathedral
The Black Monolith
The Myridian Strip
The Glass Edge
The Reactor Factory
Crimson Cathedral
Golgothan Fields
Fort Kumar
AZN Ars Orbiting HQ
C9n Titan Memorial - Steve's Wreck
46DP Darwin's Contraption Titan Memorial
Fatimar Outpost MY-W1V
The Alliance Barracks

Some sights more awe inspiring than others but all worth it. Tomorrow brings another day and with it I may do some hunting, the urge to kill something is rising and I think tourism may be put on hold for a bit but for now I'm going to just chill with the hum of the ships systems in the hangar lulling me to sleep.

I also need the help of the pod pilots of EvE, I'm trying to find the locations of the following sites:

The Cross Comet
The RS5 Colonial Ruins
The Serpents Coil
The Municipal Junkyard
The Hyperbole Nexus
Lanngisi - The Asylum
Rich Mans Run - The Pleasure Gardens
Lord Bastions Ruins
The Red Rock Outpost
The Devils Dig
The Bastion of Blood
The Clear Water Spring
The Skeletal Asteroid
Culture Recess
Hangmans Hill

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these sites, if they could please evemail me or leave a comment on this here blog, it would be most appreciated


Anonymous said...

Heh, nice to see our station in the list with actual sights. Come one, come all, visit azn, bring expensive ships filled with lots of good loot and get ganked. Runestar may just offer up his body in exchange for some nice pos fuel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kane

Been meaning to do a grand tour of New Eden too. I visited the Gate a few times and the Black Monolith and your posts has tickled that urge in me.


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