Tuesday 15 April 2008

The Tourist

Keira's been doing some highsec work and after a rather long freighter run for supplies and ships decided to board a Dramiel and go do some sightseeing. The trip wasn't too long and she soon reached her destination and visited The Glass Edge and the Reactor Factory.

The Glass Edge, a truly beautiful sight.

A Dramiel Faction Frigate in The Glass Edge

Another shot of The Glass Edge

The Reactor Factory, an abandoned Minmatar outpost

Keira showing off the Dramiel, one hell of a sexy ship

Reactor Factory and Dramiel

She returned to her highsec HQ and sent me these pictures, truly beautiful.
If anyone knows of any other sights, please let me know, I'm very keen to see more.

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Anonymous said...

I hear there is an orbiting headquarters of some sort, sounds like something that might be worth seeing! Something to do with asian asses is the only location info I know, so get to it.