Monday 21 April 2008

A fool and his Carrier...

I walked into the hangar to see the comms flashing, something about a Thanatos in Eifer. My first thought was "What kind of idiot cynos into a stationless system?"

Kane Rizzel > what's going down?

My answer was a fleet invite and a request to bring DPS to the Eifer gate so I boarded "Karma™" and made my way there. I was paying attention to fleet comms and waiting for the cue to jump in. It came as a covops had probed the mark out and the order to engage was given. Upon bursting out of warp I locked the Gallente carrier and deployed my drones, I had my 425s loaded with EMP rounds to break through the massive shields, the rest of the small gang had landed and all hell broke loose. The carrier had locked me and set his fighters on me, only 5 deployed but I was used to this and used the same old tactic of stringing the fighters out so they didn't damage me, by the time I had gotten 120clicks away the carrier pilot had cottoned on and recalled the fighters so I closed in once again, relocked, loaded Barrage and opened up as he was in armor.

The armor melted and it was curious as I saw no repping, soon he hit structure and the question of ransom was asked with the majority of the eight man gang wanting the kill. By the time we all agreed he had exploded as his structure melted, his escape pod jettisoned into space and warping out as soon as he did. The wreck was looted and to our suprise the fitting was exceptionally poor.

Thanatos down

It's amazing that a pilot would jump into a system with no station and with known pirates about. A lone carrier is like blood in the water and the sharks will zone in on a kill in next to no time.

The carrier pilot stated in a mail to one of our gang that he only had the carrier for thirty minutes and was on his way to fit it, wrong fucking system to make a pitstop

I returned to HQ to have a smoke and a drink, capital kills always make me thirsty


Anonymous said...

And this, boys and girls, is why you bring your fittings to the carrier as opposed to the other way around.

Awesome kill Kane-beat out the Dominix & way overshot the other hurricane on damage. Good work on keeping up the quotas for Darwinian evolution.

Anonymous said...

I moved mine without fittings but I was station hoping. I made sure the cyno alt was very alone and well in range of the station. Was easier than doing gazillion runs to move everything to the carrier ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one ToAsT. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job Kane. A lone carrier is like chum to the sharks. Who got the initial tackle? Nice to see the usual Gusandall mob come out to say 'Hi' to the poor pilot. And yes, agree with Lars. Awesome damage.


Anonymous said...

/me tackled him with the claw. :D