Tuesday, 1 April 2008

It's oh so quiet...

Been a while since my last report, to be honest I've been struggling with a few things so been very rare that I undock recently, mostly just sorting out things in the hangar and chatting in various channels.

Targets have been few and far between too but there have been one or two engagements.

Yesterday: Keira doing her usual stellar work scanned down a Caracal repping itself in between mission rooms and it was dispatched using a Rupture.
Later that same day I lost a full faction fitted Rapier to sentries, don't ask how or why, it's just one of those things that happens and I'd rather not dwell upon it. The Rapier has since been rebuilt. A severe headache cut my day short and I retired to my bunk for the remainder, the dizzy spells have me a bit worried but I assume one too many clonings has left me with a legacy of pain.

Today was quiet, I was in a Rifter bouncing between Eifer and Gusandall, looking to pick off the lost and unweary.
It kicked off with Enver Lanuver, a Rifter pilot who I was tracking and just missed at a planet as he thought I was flying a Jaguar, I offered a 1v1 and he accepted. It was a close fight as his setup was very similar to mine except he was using an Energy Vampire. I've seen a lot of pilots using this module and if I see it I will always count on myself to win the engagement but to each there own, it's a solid setup just not one that can stand up too well against mine. Later I received an evemail from him, saying he reads these reports and would one day be back once he's trained a bit more. Always great to see young pilots treading in deep water with the sharks and looking to improve themselves.

Next door in Eifer I had tracked down a Thrasher and engaged, a rather short and unremarkable fight and podding.

Back in Gusandall I had tracked down a Rifter pilot by the name of Zel'Tar, he was sitting a few clicks off a belt and I hit the MWD to close the distance, primed my tackling gear and resolved lock, a good fight ensued with an Energy Vampire once again being used against me and as earlier the result was pretty one sided, I podded him and claimed the 500,000 ISK bounty set on his head. It was only after that I noticed Zel'Tar hangning out in the Independence channel. we chatted a bit and he went on his merry.

Next up was an engagement against a tech 2 artillery Thrasher piloted by Yllaer Dessip inside the Gusandall plex which ended rather badly for my Rifter but I docked up and grabbed a Wolf and went back for more, I tracked him down in the plex again and he was engaging a Retribution and whilst he was distracted I dispatched him and his escape pod. Had a good conversation with him after and through various channels discovered he was joining a friends corp soon. As is the way in Evannater, introductions are made at the end of a barrel. In fact most of the friends I've made I've exploded at one point or another, a few have even relieved me of ships.

I encourage any new pilots in the Gusandall area to join Independence channel, hosted by my friend flashfresh, a place where pilots of all types are welcome to chat and hang out but keep in mind that it's just a channel and being in it does not guarantee safety as standings are a personal thing. It's also important to remain civil even when one of the residents relieves you from the confines of your ship, after all, we're Pirates.

I'm hoping to dedicate a bit more time to hunting in future, it's just very difficult atm with various other projects and my heads seeming ability to spawn Migraines at will.
I have a new toy that will soon be seeing some action in the area, a Dramiel Angel Faction Frigate. Need to polish up some skill training first before I undock it and I'm also looking at expanding my repertoire of ships to include the Amarr Assault Frigates.
I'm also going to concentrate on hunting in Frigates and Cruisers again as they are the most fun and a challenge to fly, sure I can fly some epic Tech 2 ships but you don't always get a fight in them and that's mostly what I'm looking for.

I'll leave you with some of my favourite Local chat channel quotes:

T'Renn > hahahahaha
T'Renn > looks like kane gotcha :P
T'Renn > kane's doing a pretty good job of killing folks but yet avoiding me :)
T'Renn > I'm just visiting eifer going corp shopping mebbe
T'Renn > I was going to try to kill kane but now I like him too much
Irish Whiskey > hes not too shabby a character

Kane Rizzel > gf
Aerevf > respect Kane, nice going :-)
Aerevf > good fight lol, 2 against you, and you prevail, you obliterated us

Achmetha > lol thats one fast crow
Kane Rizzel > you guys don't want to play?
Maladren > Can't catch you lmao

Ruscky > you know how to fly that hehe

Kane Rizzel > thanks for the hammerheads
Vaediris > you're welcome, thanks for the lesson:)

Fallout Minsk > bastard
Fallout Minsk > idiot

Julius Lincinius > your pirate ways intrigue me greatly.

darthimus > the rizzels are multiplying

Arrunca > thats why i love flyin with kane:)
Arrunca > when he is around im sure to have something to shoot at:P

oogs > wow, heh. i thought i was looking at local, and I saw Kane up there. first thought was "oh shit, dock!"

oogs > kane, i think you made a friend for life with that farmer :
oogs > :)
Kane Rizzel > I hope he doesn't get beaten :D
Cletus Cassidy > lol
Cletus Cassidy > just imagine the inspirational poster now.... "The Beatings will continue until Kane goes away"

Tadrith Windblade > what kind of ore is in this belt
Kane Rizzel > it's normally explosive with a load of kinetic and thermal thrown in, sometimes there's even EM
Tadrith Windblade > hey i dont need pvp info, im just a miner trying to earn some money

AlphaMeridian> i need to convince my L4 agent to stop sending me to lowsec
AlphaMeridian> with the reason, "Kane Lives there"
Trinity>Don't become a statistic. ;)
seldon> lol
AlphaMeridian> actually kane doesn't live there, since I highly doubt he's in caldari lowsec, but it's the general principle.


Enver Lanuver said...

:) Now I am actually in your blog. How quaint. Just wanted to say gf and tell you that I wasa glad to get the oppertunity to check your skills out for myself. Actually that was the first time ever as far as I can remember that I used the nos. Usually go with 3 220mms and a rocket launcher which has served me good so far. Later on today I jumped a catalyst and took him out while a stabber and a merlin warped in on me. The stabber warped out and the merlin was duly dispensed with. The taste of victory was short however... As the merlin pilots pod left the scene a pilgrim warped in. All this over the course of 2 minutes. So all in all a fun day. http://www.fangalliance.com/kb/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=5611

Until next time : Yarr

(and please tell Black Flag to GTFO of Geminate pls :))

Anonymous said...

Hi mate!

Sure was a good fight :) I was just checking google for entries on my name, as i found out that you rather nicely mentioned me on your Blog. Right now iam not really active (RL and overall stress), but when i come back we should go hunting ;)

- YD