Tuesday 15 April 2008


I'm sitting in dock, the lights all out except for a candle on my desk, shadows dance against the hangar walls, I hate when the Station systems are being updated, why do they always schedule these things for when I have the most time to hunt?

Everything is quiet, the numerous ships in my hangar all powered down. It's times like these when the cold reality of space really kicks in.

Yesterday saw very little action, got an unfortunate Thorax pilot on a stargate out of Gusandall as we were trying to set something up but the mark was for the most part unwilling so I docked up.
It was only much later that a fellow Pirate reported some action in Sotrenzur, two Ravens on scan, most likely in a mission. Keira was already in space and headed over to work her magic. She had dropped a Spook 20 AU probe, one which has great range but low strength so chances of getting reliable and accurate hits is slim but Keira's persistance and skills seem to pay off on a regular basis. Within four passes of the probe she had a hit and warped to it. She reported a deadspace gate and the Raven still on scan so I boarded "Karma" and undocked, the Pirate who reported the mark had docked up to change to a Raven battleship. We agreed to meet at the gate into the system and co-ordinate our attack.

Once both in position we agreed to engage and we jumped into system, as our systems resolved we set a warp to Keira's position, that girl had setup a perfect warpin and I burst out of warp on top of the gate, my Raven accomplice joining me seconds later, we activated the gate at the same time and were launched into warp towards the deadspace. It looked like the gods of EvE were against us, I came out of warp 68km from the mark and thought at this time the gig was up, I made all haste to close the distance and only then realised I had a MWD fitted and it wouldn't activate due to the deadspace interference, slowboating the distance would be a pain but it seemed our mark was asleep in his pod as he had not made a move to warp out or target us.
I was slowly closing to within warp disruption range and I had set the module to overload to get that extra bit of range and once within that range I started my lock, it resolved and the disruptor kicked in, the Raven was trapped. My accomplices battleship was still a long way off so I started my attack and launched my drones, closed to within range of my guns and opened up, our mark seemlesly oblivious to my presence but then he locked me and my accomplice and set his drones and missiles on the Raven and not me.
Our marks shields were taking a beating and were giving in, my accomplice finally getting to within range of his torpedoes and soon the mighty Raven succumbed in a flash of light. The system started to fill up and intel confirmed it was our marks friends, hopefully coming to save him but it was too late, we grabbed the loot and got out of dodge just as Keira reported another Raven, a Megathron and Maller warp in to the deadspace gate. We decided to bug out as more of the smouldering Ravens corpmates jumped into system.

We docked up in Gusandall and shared the spoils, being a Pirate is not only about the fights but also about ISK, that which makes the universe go round.

It was a good kill and props to CPT NESSAJA, my accomplice, a good scout and great assist on the kill.

The day brought little else and I generally chatted in various channels and eventually slumped in my bunk. I woke to this black out and am itching to hunt once service is resumed and the station goes active

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Anonymous said...

How not to act in low sec, brought to you in easy to laugh at form.